Hey everybody,

Our friends in Polkadot Cadaver have a new album on the way. Echoes Across the Hellscape it will be out December 8th. We will be doing a Polkadot cadaver. Special on December 12. We will play the new record in it’s entirety. The rest of the program will be sprinkled with various polkadot and Dog fashion disco albums. 

If you can’t tune in live, the program will be available on our website for two weeks following the over the air broadcast. You can also tune in on the WORT archive for two weeks. https://archive.wortfm.org/?fbclid=IwAR0C4WrMotfdpUTZysqt2Rg4MB9OoSC7vhVd-THWLdhD-O2FTNWlGX0q9DA 

You can also tune into https://gimpradio.org we will be adding the new album to our rotation.

They have some great pre-order packages available. https://www.indiemerch.com/razortowrist/?mc_cid=8bc4d71a53&mc_eid=c1c9ca306c