goodbye, Twitter

Good morning everybody,

It is Saturday, November 5, 2022. As you all know, when I do the radio show, I post the playlist to our social media channels those included Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As of today, I will no longer be tweeting the playlist. I would strongly suggest that you join our Facebook group search for Rolling With Scissors or head on over to my Instagram profile on Instagram, you will see the cover art of the artists that I play every week. Maybe some other interesting photos as well. I am not leaving Twitter because of all the  Musk crap, I think it’s annoying, but I don’t really care. I used it as a tool to interact with people. It seems that over the last few weeks whenever I try to post a link back to the rolling with scissors website Twitter Will not let me post the URLs. Don’t care. if you really care and you’re missing my weekly tweets. I’m sorry get over it. There are plenty of ways to interact with us.