Studio upgrade

May 14, 2020 | Padded cells studios | 0 comments

The first post I made in this blog has a picture of the start of the production studio that rolling with scissors is done in. We are doing some upgrades in the next two weeks so I wanted to get a picture of the current set up to share with all of you. I also thought I would give you a rundown of what is in the studio. Hardware: Speakers Alyssas M1’s Headphones Sony DM-7506’s audio interface lexicon omega. Microphones: blue yeti and an SM 58. Computer hardware and software. Main production box. 2016 macBook. 256 gig SSD 8 gigs of RAM logic pro and garage band. Also on the network is a windows 10 Machine with Sony acid Vegas and sound forge. It is there in case there are windows things that need to be done. Storage 1 TB western digital passport audio library. 1 TB Western Digital passport production machine back up, 4 TB Western digital my cloud which is a Plex server and a back up to the audio library as well as the production box and windows box I almost forgot my display TCL 40 inch 1080P Smart TV that function never gets used. The connection to the outside world is 300 meg fiber both ways. I’m gonna post this in my personal Facebook account as well as put the blog post in rolling with scissors. I know I have some nerd friends that are not in the groups.