AI is it the future?

Hey everyone,

Here at Rolling with Scissors, I spend my nights crafting playlists to keep you company through the late hours. This week, we’ll delve into some albums you might have missed or haven’t heard in a while. My music knowledge base includes release dates, artist birthdays, and other historical tidbits.

Social media often sparks interesting themes for our shows. This week, inspired by a post, we’ll revisit a highly influential but sometimes overlooked album – Faith No More’s “Angel Dust,” released on June 8, 1992.

Remember that set based on specific release dates? You seemed to enjoy it, so I’ve been working on more shows like that. In researching 1992 alongside “Angel Dust,” I discovered some other gems: Dream Theater’s “Images and Words” and Henry Rollins’ “End of Silence.”

Now, I admit, for this playlist, I enlisted some help from a new source – one of the many AI models out there. My question was simple: what rock albums came out in 1992? Sure, you could look this up online, but I saw a chance to explore a practical use for AI.

It’s not a tool I’d use all the time, but it’s interesting. Different models provided different answers, which I found fascinating.

Speaking of interesting facts, after nearly 30 years on-air (with minimal breaks!), I used an AI to calculate how many Tuesdays that translates to (give or take a few). The answer? A whopping 1564 episodes of Rolling with Scissors!

Now, you might be thinking, “Lucas, that’s easy math with a calculator.” But here’s the real kicker: the June 25th episode will mark my 300th show since returning full-time on Tuesday mornings. That’s next week, folks!

To celebrate this near-30-year milestone, we’re rewinding the clock to 1996 next week. Stay tuned for a night of musical nostalgia!


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