How’s everybody doing?

 It’s been a while you know life stuff.

 Ozzy Osbourne turned 75 years old today. I thought well, Ozzy it’s your birthday. You should rock out with us. Three hours of Ozzy Osbourne on this weeks episode, Black Sabbath and solo stuff.

So I listen to a lot of audiobooks. All sorts of different things about music. Biographies books about history science fiction.

 I got really into post apocalyptic end of the world survival fiction. One of the guys I listen to a lot is. CHRIS WEATHERMAN also known as ANGERY AMERICAN, I got into him with the Going Home survivalist series. A lot of the book or books are based right around the area I live.

He just published the 12th book in the series Exploring Home.

On Saturday December 2 he had a meet and greet at the Umatilla Public Library. So Ashley and I jumped in the rolling with scissors mobile and took a ride over there, on the way we got to drive through a lot of the little towns that he talks about in the books. 

I don’t know if a lot of you know this, but there is nothing in central Florida. Everybody thinks about Florida they think Orlando Disney World if you get away from that.. It’s a whole lot of nothing. The main character in the books get stranded because of an EMP when he was up near Tallahassee and he has to walk home to Umatilla. Basically there’s a whole lot more but I’m telling you there’s nothing in Central Florida.

It was great to get to meet Chris. Keep up the good work brother.