Bagpipes and a bong

Sometime around 1995 or 1996 I went with a bunch of buddies to see Korn at the rave in Milwaukee. Yes we’re back at the rave. This was the first real metal show I had ever been to. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I had been doing sound and attending the local rock shows in Madison at the loft. And when I wasn’t doing sound I would just roll my chair in to the MoshPit and people with Mosh around me, it was cool nobody really got hurt we just had a good time. 

So we go to the rave and I rolled up to the front of the stage before the show started not even thinking anything crazy would happen. The lights went down and they started the baseline to blind and the rave exploded. I was getting knocked around and knocked over a lot. At first I was like OK I’m good till I hit the floor, lost my friends. Then I was like holy shit what am I gonna do now. One of the security guards saw me and picked me up with my chair and said you got to get out of here or you’re going to die. Fuck now what do I do went through my head. They pushed me over to the side of the stage and the next thing I know I’m on stage. About 5 feet from Jonathan Davis. They’re ripping through their set which was awesome. Remember I said I lost my friends right.

 I’m on stage and I look over and all my friends are like what the fuck are you doing up there. I put my hands up in a kind of a I have no fucking idea move. Jonathan turned around looked at me pointed at me and said I’ll be right back. I’m like OK meanwhile the band is still jamming next thing I know he appears with the bagpipes and a bong. The thought that went through my head was shoots and ladders right on. He walks over to me and says hit this fucking thing, if you don’t I won’t play the next song. I felt like I didn’t have a choice Jonathan Davis says hit the bong, what are you gonna do you’re gonna hit the fucking bong. That song live was awesome.