Biker chicks and rock ‘n’ roll

I’m sure we all know silent lucidity from Queensryche. Well fuck that song. I know I know I know there are people out there that are going to get all butt hurt because I don’t like that song. Honestly that’s not true it was just overplayed. True fans know the real Queensryche. Before I go on I should probably make a statement here about how I’m not going to go put the two dots over the band name get over it.

So one of the perks of doing a radio show is sometimes you get free tickets. Sometimes they will end up in your mailbox or if you’re lucky enough to have a desk they will be left  on your desk. At WORT if we got tickets and they didn’t go to a specific person they got stapled to the bulletin board in the lobby. That’s how I ended up going to Queensryche. I talked my buddy Tom into driving to “Milwaukee “to see the band. Now as everybody knows if you’re going to go to a rock show you have to be chemically prepared to experience the endeavor. Sometimes you become so chemically prepared that you drive the wrong way on the highway and end up in Chicago Or I should say halfway to Chicago. Yes this actually happened, with two hours to turn around and get to Milwaukee somehow we seem to have accomplished our mission just in the nick of time. We walk into the rave and it’s packed. I mean packed squeezed into a corner in the bar I was obviously not gonna be able to see. I was annoyed, well this is just not gonna do went through my head and I said fuck it started screaming at the top of my lungs gimp coming through. I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy but it was like the parting of the Red Sea. I made it to the front of the crowd up against the barricade, OK now I can see, I was cool with this I’ll be fine. I did not realize that standing next to me was a completely coked out biker chick who didn’t think this was good enough, she started yelling at the guard saying I needed a better seat. If you’ve all been to the rave you know seats what seats. Like I said I’m good can see the band. I may not have hearing the next day because I’ve got a 30 foot tall wall of sound in front of my face but we’re good. The coke head went off enough so the security guard let me behind the barricade. Now I am up against the stage right next to the 30 foot wall of sound hearing will be gone. OK whatever. The band put on a great set and yes they played silent lucidity the second to last song that was cool but they didn’t play jet city woman. Well they started their encore with it. I lost my fucking shit. I mean lost it. Full on hulk hogan move on my T-shirt,  through it at the  band and screamed the words as loud as I could. At the end of the set the entire band came off the stage to shake my hand. Somewhere I still have some guitar picks.