Bowling with Gwar?

In the summer of 1996 I got to experience what all access means.  You see big touring rock bands running around with those plastic laminated cards around their necks that usually had the tour logo on it. Shortly after I started volunteering at the station the music Director asked me if I wanted all access passes to medal fest. First of all 18 year old me went three days of metal all access for free hell yeah. I figured I was just going to get three sets of tickets. Oh no these were laminated cards like the bands head, they even said all access ,well shit. I called up a buddy of mine by the name of Rick and said do you want to go to Metal fest I believe the response was fuck yeah! We showed up and walked into the Eagles club/the rave like we owned the motherfucker. We watched a bunch of bands and decided to take a break and walk around outside back then they used to have all the tour buses parked on one of the side streets next to the club. We spent some time hanging out over there and saw a bunch of people standing around the area where they were loading in all the gear. Unfortunately there were steps, this wasn’t going to deter me we walked back inside got on the elevator and said we wanted to go downstairs, the guy running the elevator said no problem. Here’s a little bit of a sidenote the Eagles club is fucking huge. I think there’s like six floors you can actually go to and there’s a lot more including a really big fucking swimming pool. I’ve seen pictures but can’t get to it in my chair. Anyway we go downstairs which I believe nowadays is actually another music venue I think it is called the rave basement. Back then it was where all the bands hung out before they went on stage up in the ballroom. This place was gross nasty  outdoor carpet couple of couches probably from back in the day from a Ron Jeremy set, but a perfect place for a bunch of metalheads to hang out right. Here’s where it gets interesting the room next to us also held full kegs of beer. That room did not have a very good luck. Metalheads beer cheap lock could this be going somewhere? I forgot to mention that in the room where we’re all hanging out is a one lane bowling alley, I would imagine if you were to walk in there today it is still there and just covered. On metal fest in 1996 were Stuck Mojo and the mighty Gwar. Remember I’m 18 years old. Hanging out with 20-year-olds 21-year-olds. At some point either a member of Gwar or a member of Stuck Mojo told me if I roll my wheelchair down the bowling lane and nocked down all the pens they would give me a keg. So what did I do knocked down every fucking pin. I was presented with a keg don’t remember much after that but Gwar put on a killer show