Episode 282- 02-20-2024 Irene Ketikidi / Northern Conspiracy

Feb 18, 2024 | Episode notes | 0 comments

hey everybody I just wrapped up putting together this weeks episode. It’s really cool. Let me know over on the social media if you like the new layout of the website. Once I’m finished with this, I’ll probably turn on comments so you all can leave feedback directly on the webpage, but I’m not quite there yet.

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Rolling with Scissors Episode 282- 02/20/2024 Playlist

ArtistSongAlbumTimeLabelYearNew Release
Irene KetikidiA Church For AllA Sky For All05:58Self released2019
Irene KetikidiBrillianceA Sky For All04:35Self released2019
Irene KetikidiHide & ShakeA Sky For All05:43Self released2019
Irene KetikidiStardustA Sky For All06:08Self released2019
Irene KetikidiShe-e Choose DyeA Sky For All02:39Self released2019
Irene KetikidiSnake EyesA Sky For All07:13Self released2019
Irene KetikidiThe PillA Sky For All03:50Self released2019
Irene KetikidiYelling GesturesMartial Arts & Magic Tricks04:23Self released2019
Irene KetikidiMartial Arts & Magic TricksMartial Arts & Magic Tricks03:42Self released2019
Irene KetikidiRamblerMartial Arts & Magic Tricks03:44Self released2019
Irene KetikidiDistanceMartial Arts & Magic Tricks05:13Self released2019
Irene KetikidiLikewiseMartial Arts & Magic Tricks04:15Self released2019
Irene KetikidiIn the MachineMartial Arts & Magic Tricks04:10Self released2019
Irene KetikidiMattMartial Arts & Magic Tricks05:08Self released2019
Irene KetikidiCatchMartial Arts & Magic Tricks03:55Self released2019
Irene KetikidiThe NerdMartial Arts & Magic Tricks04:37Self released2019
Irene KetikidiWax on Wax Off (feat. Phil Hilborne, Justin Sandercoe & Dave Kilminster)Martial Arts & Magic Tricks03:44Self released2019
Northern Conspiracy Type MismatchUnstable Diffusion07:05Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy  Unstable DiffusionUnstable Diffusion03:58Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Catnap in G# MinorUnstable Diffusion04:19Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Black BoxUnstable Diffusion05:01Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Extrapolated ChaosUnstable Diffusion07:26Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Triangular FluidUnstable Diffusion06:00Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Mastodon Tango ConsoleUnstable Diffusion04:32Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy RGBUnstable Diffusion05:05Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy Tail RecursionUnstable Diffusion02:18Self released2023
Northern Conspiracy01 The TravelerThe Hidden Variable02:56Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy02 ConvolutionThe Hidden Variable06:43Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy03 The SiegeThe Hidden Variable04:12Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy04 Keeper Of SecretsThe Hidden Variable04:05Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy05 Fools ErrandThe Hidden Variable09:02Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy06 The Wild DreamThe Hidden Variable05:06Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy07 HangovertureThe Hidden Variable04:36Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy08 In The Hall Of The UndertoadThe Hidden Variable03:56Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy09 A Voice In The FogThe Hidden Variable05:03Self released2022
Northern Conspiracy10 MazeThe Hidden Variable06:57Self released2022

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