Episode 284- 03-05-2024- Miscellen- The Orb- Tangerine Dream Pledge drive two.

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ArtistSongAlbumTimeLabelYearNew Release
MiscellenNocturneLurid Orange04:12 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenDark Stars in a Bright SkyLurid Orange03:37 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenStarfishLurid Orange04:09 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenHemlockLurid Orange01:52 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenKaradaLurid Orange04:02 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenSafe WordLurid Orange00:52 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenLife Above ConcreteLurid Orange04:06 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
MiscellenBone DryLurid Orange03:41 AD Not On Label (Miscellen Self-released)2020
The OrbEarth Orbit One: Little Fluffy CloudsAdventures Beyond the Ultraworld 104:26Big Life/Island1991
The OrbEarth Orbit Two: Earth (Gaia)Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld 109:48Big Life/Island1991
The OrbLunar Orbit Four: Back Side of the MoonAdventures Beyond the Ultraworld 114:14Big Life/Island1991
The OrbLunar Orbit Five: Spanish Castles in SpaceAdventures Beyond the Ultraworld 115:05Big Life/Island1991
The OrbSupernova At The End Of The UniverseAdventures Beyond the Ultraworld 111:56Big Life/Island1991
The OrbUltraworld Probe Six – Perpetual DawnThe Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 209:31Big Life/Island1991
The OrbUltraworld Probe Seven – Into The Fourth DimensionThe Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 209:15Big Life/Island1991
The OrbUltraworld Probe Eight – OutlandsThe Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 208:22Big Life/Island1991
The OrbUltraworld Nine – Star 6 + 7 8 9The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 208:10Big Life/Island1991
The OrbUltraworld Ten – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating BrainThe Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 218:48Big Life/Island1991
Tangerine DreamPhaedraThe Virgin Years: 1974-1978 Disc 117:35Virgin2011
Tangerine DreamMysterious Semblance at the Strand of NightmaresThe Virgin Years: 1974-1978 Disc 109:43Virgin2011
Tangerine DreamMovements of a VisionaryThe Virgin Years: 1974-1978 Disc 107:57Virgin2011

happy Monday afternoon everybody just wrapped up this weeks episode. This is the second episode of the weirdos for wort winter pledge Drive. Thank you to everybody who is pledged so far. There is still time. Click this link https://www.wortfm.org/donate/ and pledge your support for WORT and rolling with scissors. If you pledge online, make sure you put in the would you like to tell us anything else section of the form that your pledge should go towards rolling with scissors thanks everybody for your support we do appreciate it.

you may have all noticed that there has been some major updating in the last week or so to the rolling with scissors webpage, that’s right I’ve been hard at work, trying to improve our presence in cyberspace. I hope you all enjoy the changes. Please feel free to leave a comment on the post if there’s anything you would like to see that is not here. We’ve got some grape programs coming up in the near future. Keep an eye on the webpage for more information. If you don’t want to miss anything, we do feel free to sign up for our RSS feed that’s the little icon that looks like Wi-Fi antennas for the young people. If you click there you can subscribe and you will be notified when we make updates.