Episode 289- 04-09-2024 – Kurt Cobain 30 years WTF

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Happy Sunday evening, everybody,

I just wrapped up this weeks episode. I decided to take a break from doing albums released on a specific date for something quite important. 30 years ago on 5 April Kurt Cobain committed suicide. There are some people that say this completely changed music and I guess in someways yes it did, the driving force of the 90s or one of them was gone. For many people this left a giant hole. I suppose in someways I was one of them.

You may not know that Nirvana has a connection to Madison. They started recording the album Nevermind at Smart Studios.

 The building is still there, but the studio has since been turned into an Airbnb. There’s part of me that is completely bummed out by that. Smart Studios put out some great albums. 


In 2021 Kurt Stream wrote a great article about nirvana’s adventures in Madison, if you haven’t read it, you can do so here.  https://www.channel3000.com/madison-magazine/arts-and-culture/when-nirvana-came-to-madison/article_1a4b1182-3c24-5a2e-8fca-b3983f425d70.html 

ArtistSongTimeAlbumLabelYearNew Release
NirvanaPlateau03:37MTV Unplugged In New YorkUniversal1993
NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night05:05MTV Unplugged In New YorkUniversal1994
NirvanaAneurysm04:31From the Muddy Banks of the WishkahGeffen1996
NirvanaBlew02:54BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaFloyd The Barber02:18BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaAbout A Girl02:48BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaLove Buzz03:34BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaPaper Cuts04:05BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaNegative Creep02:55BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaScoff04:10BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaSwap Meet03:03BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaMr. Moustache03:23BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaSifting05:22BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaBig Cheese03:42BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaDowner01:42BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaSchool02:42BleachSub Pop1989
NirvanaBeen A Son01:55IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaMolly’s Lips01:54IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaSon Of A Gun02:48IncesticideGeffen1992
Nirvana(New Wave) Polly01:48IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaMexican Seafood01:55IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaHairspray Queen04:13IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaAero Zeppelin04:41IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaBig Long Now05:03IncesticideGeffen1992
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit05:01NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaIn Bloom04:14NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaCome As You Are03:38NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaTerritorial Pissings02:23NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaDrain You03:43NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaLounge Act02:36NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaStay Away03:32NevermindGeffen 1991
NirvanaSomething In The Way07:19NevermindGeffen 1991
NirvanaEndless, Nameless06:44NevermindGeffen1991
NirvanaOn A Plain03:16NevermindGeffen 1991
NirvanaServe the Servants03:36In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaScentless Apprentice03:47In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaHeart-Shaped Box04:41In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaRape Me02:49In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaDumb02:32In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaVery Ape01:55In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaMilk It03:54In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaPennyroyal Tea03:37In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaRadio Friendly Unit Shifter04:51In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaTourette’s01:35In Utero Geffen1993
NirvanaAll Apologies03:50In Utero Geffen1993

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