Episode 297– 06-04-2024 Ride with WORT Summer pledge Drive Bill Hicks – Tool

hey kids, hope all is well. This weeks episode. We are doing another comedy/music mashup. I did one of these a few weeks ago with George Carlin, which was pretty bad ass. In honor of our Ride With WORT Summer pledge drive I thought I would do another one this week. We will be exploring Bill Hicks, and the band Tool. If you feel like donating early being that it is Sunday, you can do so, and if you put rolling with scissors as your first choice of favorite programs, your donation will go to this weeks episode.

ArtistSongTimeAlbumLabelYearNew Release
Bill HicksHooligans04:20Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksBullies Of The World01:22Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksDinosaurs In The Bible05:45Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolUseful Idiot00:38AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksDon’t Talk For Me01:40Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolForty Six & 206:04AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksShe’s Got A Broken Heart01:08Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolMessage to Harry Manback01:53AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksPussywhipped Satan04:40Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolHooker with a Penis04:33AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksElvis08:02Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksAs Long As Were Talking Shelf05:00Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolDie Eier Von Satan02:17AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksClam Lappers & Sonic The Hedgh03:01Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksGoodbye You Lizard Scum03:52Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolCesaro Summability01:26AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksL.A. Falls03:54Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Tool(-) Ions04:00AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksLiving World01:05Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolThird Eye13:47AenimaVolcano1996
Bill HicksMarketing & Advertising04:38Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolThe Grudge08:36LateralusVolcano2001
Bill HicksMe & Saddam03:11Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolEon Blue Apocalypse01:04LateralusVolcano2001
Bill HicksOfficer Nigger Hater05:27Arizona BayRykodisc1997
ToolThe Patient07:13LateralusVolcano2001
Bill HicksShane’s World02:02Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksStep On The Gas04:50Arizona BayRykodisc1997
Bill HicksThe Elephant Is Dead01:57Arizona BayRykodisc1997

if you catch the episode live or in the archive, and you would like to make sure that your donation goes to rolling with scissors at the bottom of the form where it says is there anything else you would like to tell us make a note that you would like your donation to be reflected in this program. Thank you to everybody who has supported WORT. This is your first time donating welcome to the family. We are glad to have you

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