Episode 299- 06-18-2024-Angel Dust – Blues For The Red Sun- Wish stay tuned for episode 300.

Hey everybody hope things are going well.

Next week will be episode 300. I can’t believe it. I took a little bit of a hiatus roundabout 2014 and I’ve been back on the air long enough to accumulate 300 episodes. In honor of this next week we will be exploring some of the things we all listened to back in 1996, when I started at WORT.

Before we get there 

on June 8 of 1992 Faith No More released Angel Dust. This started me on the adventure to see what else was released in June 1992. I picked things that I didn’t think would have gotten¬† lot of AirPlay. One honorable mention, though sublime 40 ounces of freedom was on the list. Hope you enjoy this ride and we will talk to you all next week.

ArtistSongTimeAlbumLabelYearNew Release
KYUSSThumb04:41Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSGreen Machine03:38Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSMolten Universe02:49Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSS50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)05:52Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSThong Song03:47Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSApothecaries’ Weight05:21Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSCaterpillar March01:56Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSFreedom Run07:37Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSS80001:34Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSWrithe03:42Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSCapsized00:55Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSAllen’s Wrench02:44Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSMondo Generator06:15Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
KYUSSYeah00:04Blues For The Red SunDali Records1992
Faith No MoreLand of Sunshine03:44Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreCaffeine04:28Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis04:23Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreSmaller and Smaller05:11Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreMalpractice04:02Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreKindergarten04:31Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreBe Aggressive03:42Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreJizzlobber06:38Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreMidnight Cowboy04:12Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreEasy* (Extra)03:04Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreRV03:43Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreEverything’s Ruined04:33Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreA Small Victory04:57Angel DustSlash1992
Faith No MoreCrack Hitler04:39Angel DustSlash1992
The CureOpen06:51WishFlotion1992
The CureHigh03:37WishFlotion1992
The CureApart06:38WishFlotion1992
The CureFrom The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea07:44WishFlotion1992
The CureWendy Time05:13WishFlotion1992
The CureDoing The Unstuck04:24WishFlotion1992
The CureFriday I’m In Love03:38WishFlotion1992
The CureTrust05:33WishFlotion1992
The CureA Letter To Elise05:14WishFlotion1992
The CureCut05:55WishFlotion1992
The CureTo Wish Impossible Things04:43WishFlotion1992
The CureEnd06:46WishFlotion1992

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