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All right, everybody I wanna have a little chat. Most of you are probably seeing this post and the other posts because you are part of our Facebook group. I really appreciate it. We have over 100 members at this point that’s fucking awesome. 

You may have noticed over the last several months that the way I give you guys content has changed. There are a couple reasons for this and I’m not gonna get all fucking bitchy about how I think social media is ruining our society but it’s true. 

 I made changes mostly because I want to control the content. I don’t want Mark or Elon deciding what content I can show you guys.

The website has been around for a long time and some former another. I kind of added social media as an afterthought mostly because at that point everybody was just on Facebook.

 Well, now you’ve got 87 different platforms with 150 different ways to produce content, do we really need that many according to the masses I guess yes. 

I may be showing my age but what happened to just going to somebody’s website to see what is going on. Short fucking attention span let’s find a way to jam as many peoples content into somebody’s face as we can.

I guess in someways it’s a necessary evil and it has brought all of us together as is evident from all you wonderful friends..

It’s pretty cool now that I have everything configured right that it displays the featured image of each episode or blog post directly to most platforms at least the ones that I decided I can stomach using.

So yes, we are on Facebook. Instagram. Threads. Blue sky. & we have an RSS feed.

Before you ask, no I don’t use Twitter/X. At the end of the day, I don’t really care about the whole it got trashed by Elon. I mean there’s part of me that goes. Why are you screwing with something that sort of worked? 

I don’t really care. The reason I don’t use it is because for some reason, they have decided to block the website. I have gone through the steps to prove to Elon and his fucking moron engineers that I am real and don’t have a website full of viruses doesn’t seem to matter. So fuck it.

With the way, the website is set up now, you see a little bit of the article or episode notes and if you want to read more, you click the link, which takes you directly to the post. 

That’s great you can read the article except up until now, you would have to close the article and go back to your social media to leave a comment or a like. That’s stupid so I fixed it. You can now leave a comment on individual posts.

For right now you as the listener/viewer of the webpage can leave a comment and I will approve them to be displayed as they come in, at some point in the future they will display when you enter them, but I’m not turning that on just yet.


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