On the inside with Fred pepper

This has been a long time coming. I’ve talked a lot about shows at the loft on Fairchild Street, there were lots of great bands, and lots of good times had at that location. I met a lot of amazing people. In fact, nothing that I’m talking about here could happen without Tori world. I’m not sure that man knows how much he influenced my life. Without realizing it, he created a monster. I cut my teeth learning how to do live sound with that man. Thanks bro.

 There was one band that I had a chance to work with in those early days, the band I’m speaking about is Fred Pepper. I can’t tell you any details about the first time that I saw them live, but they were one of those bands that just hit you in the face with the brick. Even though I can’t tell you anything about the first show, I can tell you immediately after seeing them perform I asked them when the album was coming out They laughed and said someday.

  At some point later I was auditing a class at M.A.T.C. about the fundamentals of sound recording and wouldn’t you know it Tori world was in that class, he looked at me and said what the fuck are you doing here, a little bit of explanation and it was cool, during that class, he had told me that Fred Pepper had finally put out a record, I lost my fucking shit. He gave me a copy along with a bunch of other albums, because he was working on a compilation cd at the time, I don’t remember what the compilation was. I took the cd home and made a copy for myself because he didn’t have any extra copies. I can tell you for at least five years that first cd that Fred Pepper put out got played every week multiple times. I started spinning the album on my radio show a lot. This was before the album was even released. I don’t remember how long after I got a copy that they had the release party of course at the loft. After that show, I asked the guys if they would love to come and play live on the air and they jumped at the chance, even though it was 2 AM. They hold the distinction of being the very first band to ever play live on rolling with scissors, it was called the Tuesday morning aneurysm back then.

I said earlier, that hearing them was like getting hit in the face by a brick. Yes, that’s true but I don’t really think they know how they truly influenced and helped shape my life, they actually were involved in a roundabout way with my first serious relationship. I met my first girlfriend at my 18th birthday party. She showed up with a friend and the buddy said hey can I hear that new CD you got from that Fred band I said, of course it’s fucking Fred Pepper why wouldn’t I play it, threw in the CD and immediately went to my favorite song at the time Mad Trigger Bitch. The girl that came with my buddy was like holy shit I know these guys I went to high school with them. I was like no fucking way. This was the start of a nearly 3 year relationship with a dear friend still to this day. In fact, our first official date was a Fred Pepper show at the now bert down OK’s corral. If my memory serves me correctly, there were only like six people at the show. Still epic.

At some point later they got on one of the first local rock shows that was put on by way way blow or I’m sorry, WJJO this was one of the first shows where they played on the inside. This is probably my favorite song that Kurt did  vocals on. I still listen to it a lot. In fact, I was listening to it while writing this post. The following Monday after that show I get to the station and the guys brought me the audio recording of the entire show so what did I do? I played the entire set on the air.

Sometime later, they had a Halloween party at their practice place. This was in the early days of Facebook if my memory serves, I happened to see a post and me and a couple friends decided that we should go. I said it’s a Halloween party I have to dress up, I’m going as a woman so I Did fake tits and all. They even change the Setlist because I showed up they played mad trigger bitch. Thanks guys.

In 2022 the guys reunited before Kurt passed away. There was a video shot of the reunion show a concert for Kurt. I happen to have a copy of it, so that will be linked below.

I’m sorry this took so long to write when Kurt passed away in 2022. I had every intention of doing this right away, but I couldn’t. I love you guys more than I ever Will be able to put in to words. Kurt see you on the inside brother.