Episode 296 –05-28-2024-Shawn Anthony Brown – 7 Seasons Deep – Spiritus – Driver 13 – Last Crack – The Viscous Circle

So if you’ve been in and around the Madison music scene for the last 30 years, there’s a strong possibility that you have ran across Shawn and one of his mini musical projects.

 One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. In my opinion, one of the cleanest, most dynamic voices in rock ‘n’ roll. The guy can truly sing just about anything. 

As I’m sitting here writing this I’m remembering when I was doing gimp radio he showed up at my apartment one night, a.k.a. the studio and busted out some amazing cover songs, just him and an acoustic guitar. Some great Alice In Chains covers. I believe there was an interesting version of wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. This was 20 years ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy, but it was a good time. And before you ask, no I never ran tape on it. Didn’t even think about it until he got done and left. So if you were listening to gimp radio sometime around the year 2000 you got to hear it.

This week I found out that his latest project 7 Seasons Deep, is calling it quits after a really long run. I do have to say thank you for the music you guys.

I talked to Shawn for a couple of minutes. He’s going to be taking a extended hiatus from music to do some other things. Man, whatever you do is going to be freaking awesome.

On this weeks episode, we are doing a retrospective of Shawn Anthony Brown and all of his projects.

There’s even a couple of cuts in here that not very many people have. So pay attention to the live section.

Thanks, Rökker from Max Ink Radio and Maximum Ink. Music Magazine. for filling in some gaps in our music library.

Here’s a couple videos for you all. 7 Seasons Deep – On the Floor Dying – Driver 13 taste of Madison is the second one from back in the day.

ArtistSongTimeAlbumLabelYearNew Release
Last CrackSqueeze It04:08runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusMother Mountain03:05SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackSpeak The Ocean02:49runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusGarden04:36SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackHer03:48runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusClearer03:54SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackTheory04:12runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusGeneral Eyes03:09SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackWhy04:19runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusYing Yang Flowerpunch04:27SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackForest Mother04:22runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusVision Frontal View02:37SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackDeeper Digging06:28runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusRag03:48SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackFill The Cup05:18runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
SpiritusMagistrates’ Captains Plan04:09SpiritusNot on a label1996
Last CrackStructures04:05runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
The Viscous CircleBrandon’s Song01:28DemoNot on a label2010
Last CrackTry04:20runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
The Viscous CircleBlue Sky04:55DemoNot on a label2010
Last CrackBeat Of My Blood05:04runheadstartscreamingRokker Records1994
The Viscous CircleWormwood04:52DemoNot on a label2010
Driver 13deaf04:26Live at the Annex – December 2003 – Max Ink holiday partyNo label

7 Seasons DeepDrowned10:19LiveNot on a label

Driver 13karma03:44until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepOn The Floor Dying03:15Nowhere LandNot on a label

Driver 13alignment02:57until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepNowhere Land04:02Nowhere LandNot on a label

Driver 13the monk03:42until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepFamily03:31Nowhere LandNot on a label

Driver 13joey03:28until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepBattered Soul03:59Nowhere LandNot on a label

Driver 13driver03:33until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepThe Deep03:02DeeperNot on a label2021
Driver 13hate bug03:29until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepDeadwood05:16Nowhere LandNot on a label

Driver 13turn03:12until the end of timeNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepFeel03:40Nowhere LandNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepWater’s Edge04:54DeeperNot on a label2021
7 Seasons DeepLiquid06:04Nowhere LandNot on a label

7 Seasons DeepWe Become One05:19DeeperNot on a label2021
7 Seasons DeepOverloaded03:32DeeperNot on a label2021
7 Seasons DeepSaved06:59DeeperNot on a label2021
7 Seasons DeepBurn05:007 Seasons Deep – EPNot on a label2014

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