Matty MO The Prince of Darkness and Mike Portnoy.

So the last couple blog posts have involved, my buddy Tom. Since the beginning of Rolling With Scissors back when it was called Tuesday Morning Aneurysm. there has been one guy that has been around every week for damn near 30 years, actually, I think it’s been 30 years for him and the book. I’m talking about. Matt Mommaerts  my brother in radio, and at this point, I think I should say brothers. Mike the book has been around since about 2000 I think.

Matty MO does the metal show called The Mosh Pit before I hit the airwaves. When I started I was a stupid 17-year-old kid. Matt put up with my shit and the posse. I often wonder what he thought with having a bunch of fucking kids take over the radio station. We bonded over music and he taught me how to be a radio DJ. Up until I met him everything I knew about radio I had seen in movies such as pump up the volume and good morning Vietnam. Matt actually did some time in college radio.

I would get dropped off early on Monday nights and just hang out until I had to be on the air at two. It’s amazing how much you will pick up from osmosis. And I’ll bet you he doesn’t realize how much I learned how to do a show from him, thanks brother.

In 2002 the mighty Dream Theater was on there Six Degrees of Inter Turbulence Tour. Dream Theater yet something else Matt introduced me to. They arrived in Milwaukee, in May to the Eagles ballroom.

 One or two of the posse members ended up going with me. It was a great show. Before the show started we of course ran into Matt who said how are you getting home? I said one of these guys is gonna give me a ride. At this point, he said well I suppose I can give you a ride because you’re gonna need this and he slapped a backstage pass sticker on my chest.

 Now the crew that was with me was like what the fuck that’s not fair. I kind of said well I’m going to hang out with Dream Theater I guess.

As I said fucking killer show. In fact, I found the set list.

At the end of the show,  the posse left me with Matt kind of pissed off. Somebody came out and said they were doing the meet and greet downstairs in the actual rave. I vividly remember rolling over to the staircase that I didn’t even know was there and having Matt and other guy pick me up and somebody, picking up my wheelchair and lugging me down the stairs. Thank God I wasn’t as fat back then. 

So we get into the rave, which is fucking weird when nobody’s in it that place makes noise really  weird fucking noises.

 It is haunted, but that’s a story for another blog post. Dream Theater are some of the nicest guys you ever meet. I remember it being a really chill situation. They all got a chuckle because I was wearing my Timmy shirt from South Park. Which they all signed. Check out the featured image at the top of the post, but I even got a picture with the mighty Mike Portnoy.

Matt, my brother, that was really cool. Like I said before I don’t know if you realize how cool Monday nights have been for the last 30 years. Could not! imagine doing what we do without you being there. Thanks.


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