Let me start out by saying what I am about to talk about is probably. No wait it is very controversial. For all of you who truly know me know that I am not remotely racist at all. But here we go. There seems to be this trend of something bad happened to a specific group and it doesn’t really matter what the group is we want to remove evidence from the past of people who may have also supported the bad things from our history that may coincide with bad things that are currently happening. In the past few years there has been a push to remove statues or rename buildings that were named for people that may have supported things such as slavery. Let me be very clear slavery and racism in general is a bad thing. Right now I’m about to invoke Henry Rollins but in my opinion he said something very smart. “ don’t get mad at the racist guy talk to him know what makes him tick” the same thing should be said about slavery in this country. As well as racism we should talk about it we should talk about it a lot. If we erase history we are doomed to repeat it I know you’re all going to say shut up, but it’s true I have a concern that if we go around removing statues and renaming buildings because we didn’t like what somebody did 200 years ago it’s going to happen again. before you all jump down my throat let me reiterate there are people that did some bad things in history. For example we know George Washington was not a nice man and he probably owned slaves were we going to rename Washington DC I don’t think so. There’s probably some of you who will say I’m not looking at this right and i am a privileged white boy you should just shut up. But wake up America we have a problem and removing the statues and renaming buildings are not going to fucking solve it. We need to talk to each other and understand each other which we have not done in a very long time if ever.